our history

Trip Troop is our sofa project, that of a couple from Barcelona, ​​Rafa and Raquel, who were born in the generation of the EGB. Our parents drove a SEAT 600, in which we were tight, without air conditioning and radio cassette plugged in, listening to Manolo Escobar, the Fary, the Beatles, the Dynamic Duo and the Sirex, among others.

From those memories and a thousand stories that accompany them, there is the illusion of doing together a project linked to this iconic vehicle of our country: the SEAT 600. A trip to Germany and discover its emblematic Trabant offering sightseeing tours of the city of Berlin, was the inspiration that we needed to create our project in Barcelona.

We started with the rental of SEAT 600 and offering tours through the city of Barcelona. Now we also have a team in Madrid and a fleet of vintage vehicles in Barcelona and Madrid to make group tours, with a large deployment of vehicles in convoy by both cities.

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